Ben Getley – Construction Team Leader

VAE engaged Ralcrest to carry out the mechanical electrical installation and BMS manufacture of the MSSB’S on the Brisbane Air Traffic Control Towers.

The works entailed the live changeover of the Air conditioning systems, which had to remain in operation during the changeover works.

To do this the existing MSSB’S had to be replaced with new in a sequence that allowed the systems to remain operational.  The electrical and BMS works key to keeping the systems operational.

VAE engaged Ralcrest due to their experience in similar works, the changeover and installation works were carried out seamlessly and without issue.

The quality of the MSSB’S and electrical works were carried out to a very high standard with zero defects.

Ralcrest provided full engineering and project management for the project to very high and professional standard for a critical project.

On the back of this project VAE also engaged Ralcrest for similar Air services Australia works in Melbourne.

Currently Ralcrest are carrying out the Mechanical Electrical and BMS installation works at Lismore Hospital.


John Bourne – Project Engineer

Ralcrest have always contributed proactively to the design, coordination and installation of mechanical-electrical services solutions.

Through experience, they have a thorough understanding of the end-use requirements, including interfaces with other trades, which enables them to design and manufacturer high quality switchboards that are practical, safe and fit-for-purpose.  Their attention to detail and the quality of their solutions is market-leading.

John Milliner – Senior Projects Manager

I can highly recommend Ralcrest Pty Ltd for any Mechanical Electrical installation in the construction industry, based on my experience with their company.

This recommendation comes on the completion of 180 Ann St (Commonwealth Bank Building) which was one of the most complicated Mechanical Electrical installations ever completed in Queensland, due to the clients requirement to have their own Tri-Generation equipment incorporated into this Building.

Ralcrest undertook the mechanical electrical design, switchboard manufacture, and mechanical electrical installation of this project with complete professionalism. Their works were completed on time and to the uppermost satisfaction of all parties.

Lloyd Warren – Business Development Manager

Ralcrest offers a suite of switchboards for mechanical services, commercial and industrial applications.

Through many years of experience, they provide the right solution of high-quality switchboards not only meeting but exceeding customer expectations.

Ralcrest communicate very well between suppliers and end-users  for practical and workable solutions.


Nathan Gory – Isothermal

I have been working with Ralcrest Pty Ltd for nearly 15 years and during this time have always been impressed with their ability to complete a quality project on time.

Their workmanship, knowledge and experience have made them leaders in the Mechanical Electrical industry in Queensland.