About Ralcrest

Ralcrest is an approved company that started its operation in 1985 in the Mechanical Electrical Industry. They are licensed manufacturers of Woolworth’s Mechanical Service Switchboards with close to thirty-four years in service.

The company takes pride in the accomplishment of diverse industrial projects that uses switchboard control units.

Ralcrest in the course of their work, have been able to install switchboards in places like:

  • Food production Plants
  • Shopping centres
  • Woolworth’s
  • Commercial and Residential high rise
  • Tri-Gen Plants
  • Central Energy Plants
  • Concrete Batching Plants
  • Hospitals

Services provided by Ralcrest

Switchboard Schematics and Design

Apart from manufacturing and installation of Switchboards, Ralcrest takes pride in designing switchboards to meet clients needs. Ralcrest can also update and alter existing schematic drawings.

Ralcrest can also organise site visits in order to help clients alter existing switchboards if they require updating.

Construction and supply of Cubic switchboards

Ralcrest enjoys accreditation privilege to contract and supply cubic switchboards across Australia.

Since they were accredited, they have completed numerous cubic switchboards. Ralcrest has two very competent draftsman who combined have over 20 years experience with the cubic system.

Ralcrest cubic switchboard working system is characterized by a potential high-level operation that is dependable and safe.

The designers in the workshop combine fixed ideas, withdrawal units, and plug-in in order to deliver quality cubic switchboard to their clients.

This combination is an essential requirement for the cubic manufacturing process.

Supply of Mechanical Services Switchboards

Over the number of years Ralcrest has been in service, they have supplied mechanical Switchboards across Australia. This has given them a good reputation in the delivery of quality switchboards through quality work from the team of manufacturers.

The team involved in the entire design, drafting, execution and implementation of switchboard skeleton design comprise of experts that have close to 60 years’ experience in the industry.

The entire team endeavours exemplary specialization in manufacturing mechanical service switchboards that cover clients’ needs prevalence.

Installation of switchboards

Ralcrest also design construct and install all their own Mechanical Switchboards and install test and commission them onsite to there clients needs.

Woolworth’s Switchboards

Ralcrest are very proud in that they are a supplier of Mechanical Switchboards for Woolworth’s Stores, they have supplied over 20 Woolworth’s Mechanical Switchboards throughout Australia.